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One of the top destinations in the world for immigrants is the UK. In 2015, the UK took in more immigrants than many other countries, 378,000 to be exact. Adjusting to life in a new country is tough, but the UK has many reasons why it’s a destination of choice for many people looking for a new life in another land. Here are few reasons why people migrate to the UK

  1. Quality of Life

The biggest reason immigrants choose the UK over other places in the world for their new home country is because of the excellent quality of life. The UK has been experiencing a long period of peace over the past few decades, unlike some other war-torn areas around the world. Housing in the UK is plentiful, and schools are of excellent quality. People living in the UK have access to modern technology, top transportation options, diverse restaurants, nightlife and much more. Ria Money Transfer allows new immigrants to fund their exciting adventures in the UK.

  1. Strong Economy

Next, people around the world choose to move to the UK for the strong economy. The pound continues to perform robustly compared to other currencies around the world. London is one of the world’s financial centers, with plenty of banks, financial firms and other economic powerhouses that help boost the country’s economy. Additionally, there are many jobs available in the UK, especially for new immigrants. People new to the country can choose Ria Money Transfer to help send money back to their home country once they find work.

  1. Healthcare Access

Another reason why people choose to migrate to the UK is healthcare access. The UK enjoys a strong and well-funded national healthcare system called the NHS. Residents in the UK can take advantage of the excellent healthcare system in the country. Generally, most people can get care for free or a very low cost. For visitors who may not qualify for free care, they can use Ria Money Transfer to help. The quality of healthcare is top-notch with some of the best doctors and researchers in the world practicing in the UK.

  1. Proximity to Other European Countries

The UK is also a great place according to immigrants because of its close proximity to other European nations. Some of the largest groups coming to the UK are from other European territories. Moving to the UK makes it easier to visit relatives every so often during holidays and summer.

  1. Strong Immigrant Community

Because the UK has traditionally been a top place for migrating immigrants for decades, there is a strong immigrant community present. Throughout Great Britain, there are strong communities of people from various parts of the world. New arrivals can connect with others who also hail from their home country for support and advice. They can also find elements of home present in the UK in the form of great restaurants, shops and other businesses run by immigrants.

  1. Beneficial Immigration Policies

The last reason why so many people move to the UK is because of the country’s beneficial immigration policies. Relocating to an entirely new place and culture is tough, but the UK has many policies in place to make the transition easier for new arrivals. There are even financial policies in place to help ease the burden of moving to a new location.

Visitor Visa

The Visitor visa is designed for people to allows you to visit UK, either for tourism or business purposes, for up to three, six or 12 months. Applicants will have to pay a fee to submit their application.

Student Visa

Student visa is provided to those who want to study their graduation or post graduation from UK. For Student Visa one has to fulfill required education requirement and fund requirement as per university and country norms

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